Down to the river to pray: celebrating the Baptism of Jesus

Last Sunday we sang “Away in a manger” and “Angels we have heard on high” as we remembered Jesus as a baby in Bethlehem. Today we have fast forwarded to Jesus as an adult and we celebrate his… Read More

And a word on what to wear…..

I’ve been a church organist all my adult life and my experience as a church musician has included providing music for all kinds of weddings. Wedding celebrations can be memorable for many reasons–sometimes for how very lovely they… Read More

Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family! In today’s Gospel reading (Luke 8:19-21), we have a brief snapshot of Jesus’ family and how his family members react to his ministry.  This story is told in three of the Gospels.  In Mark,… Read More

Dialogue & Reconciliation: Jesus’ plan for resolving conflict in the church

There’s been a car insurance commercial recently that I’m sure you have all seen.  It actually has little to do with cars or insurance.  Beatrice is entertaining two friends in her living room.  Beatrice tells the other two… Read More

Can you handle the truth?

St Anselm’s Chapel Center Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Tonight we remember Ephrem of Edessa, a deacon in the early church. Ephrem was known as “The Harp of the Holy Spirit” for the many hymns he wrote. It is… Read More

If you love me….

St Catherine’s Episcopal Church May 25, 2014 If this, then that….. There’s this website:, which is an acronym for “If this, then that.” The website is a community of users who have all contributed what are called “recipes” for setting… Read More

Raising the Dead

St Catherine of Alexandria Episcopal Church Lent 5 We have had several remarkable stories from the Gospel of John during this Lenten season: Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman, Jesus healing the man  born blind,… Read More

Who do you think you are?

School for Ministry Development Deacon Class Mark 10: 35-45 Today we remember the life of Eric Henry Liddell (1902-1945), a famous Scottish athlete and missionary.  He was the winner of the Men’s 400 meter race at the 1924… Read More

More than enough

Mark 8:14-21 I used to live in southern Kentucky before we moved back to Florida.  In Bowling Green, we definitely had four seasons and we usually had a cold winter; however, we didn’t typically get snow all through… Read More

Was blind but now I see…..

Today we celebrate the life of Fanny Crosby (1820-1915), probably the most prolific Protestant Christian hymn writer ever.  The sources I saw this week credited her with writing 8,000 to 9,000 hymns.  She was not born blind but became… Read More