Dialogue & Reconciliation: Jesus’ plan for resolving conflict in the church

There’s been a car insurance commercial recently that I’m sure you have all seen.  It actually has little to do with cars or insurance.  Beatrice is entertaining two friends in her living room.  Beatrice tells the other two… Read More

Spiritual But Not Religious? (Part 2)

A recent cartoon in our local paper depicted a man in full bishop vestment, miter perched on his head, merrily pushing a lawn mower across his front lawn.  The caption read: “Herschel mows the lawn religiously every Saturday.” The… Read More

Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious”?

Our upcoming Young Adult retreat at Dayspring, our diocesan conference center, is entitled “Spiritual But Not Religious,” referencing that ubiquitous label many folks use today to indicate having an interest in matters of the spirit without making a commitment to… Read More