Welcome to Next Steps–an online portfolio for Alisa Carmichael.  Here’s what is currently available:

  • About and Resume pages give an overview of my personal history and work experience.
  • Writing Sample #1: Ferris’ Chair is the story of a public art commissioning project I worked on as Library Director of Bowling Green Public Library.  This article was originally published in the state library journal, Kentucky Libraries.
  • Writing Sample #2: Wedding Music is a how-to article I wrote for online publication.  The article was based on my personal experience as a church organist and long-time wedding musician.
  • Projects provides a photo gallery intro to a number of different projects from my experience as deacon chaplain at St Anselm’s Chapel Center on the campus of the University of South Florida (Tampa).  The photos include links to the original blog posts about these events.
  • This blog was originally entitled The Episco-Bulletin and was started as a means of recording our revitalization efforts at St Anselm’s.  Those blog posts, as well as a few of my sermons and homilies, are maintained in the Archives section.
  • This collection is a work in progress and more entries are still to come.
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