Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family! In today’s Gospel reading (Luke 8:19-21), we have a brief snapshot of Jesus’ family and how his family members react to his ministry.  This story is told in three of the Gospels.  In Mark,… Read More

Chapel Center History: Church on the Campus

The next installment in our Chapel Center history….. When the University of South Florida opened, President John S. Allen initiated a plan for USF to lease land on campus for religious centers.  The first of these to be… Read More

Jazz in the Liturgy & More: Canterbury House at University of Michigan

Recently I reviewed Better Get It In Your Soul: What Liturgists Can Learn from Jazz, a new resource on creativity in worship written by Reid Hamilton and Stephen Rush, chaplain and music faculty advisor at Canterbury House at University of… Read More

Be known to us in the cooking of pancakes

Since last fall we have been eating supper together at the Chapel Center after Sunday evening Eucharist. Some times different members of the group will bring in various dishes (salad, main dish, dessert). At other times we have… Read More