The Life Changing Magic of Sorting Out & Tidying Up

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is the title of a lovely little book by a young Japanese author.  Currently on the bestseller lists, Marie Kondo’s premise for organizing a household is simple: keep what brings you… Read More

Branding & Marketing: What does “Campus Ministry” mean for us and others?

What do we mean when we talk about Episcopal “campus ministry”?  What does it mean for the students we are trying to serve? How should Episcopal ministry be identified and recognized on a university campus?  A church or… Read More

Chapel Center History: Church on the Campus

The next installment in our Chapel Center history….. When the University of South Florida opened, President John S. Allen initiated a plan for USF to lease land on campus for religious centers.  The first of these to be… Read More

Lessons learned for the road ahead

I attended a college commencement recently and sat through the usual round of graduation speeches, mostly a garden variety of idealistic “carpe diem!” and “full-speed-ahead!” charges to the new graduates. When I graduated from college many years ago,… Read More

Social footprints: What does it take to change the world?

We hear a lot these days about carbon footprints (your ecological impact on the environment) and digital foot prints (your virtual trail on the internet).  What about your social footprint?  How will the brotherhood of mankind be different from your having been here? How will… Read More

Mission Trip Countdown:Praying for the Church Van

Our mission trip to eastern Kentucky is just hours away!  We will be leaving some time before the crack of dawn to begin our long trek up I-75 to the mountains.  We are traveling in a diocesan bus. … Read More

Questioning the Almighty: What does God need with a starship?

OK, so I must confess that I’m a Trekkie from way back.  I could quote you lines from many Star Trek episodes and movies but my absolute all time favorite Star Trek scene happens to be from the film Star… Read More

Jazz in the Liturgy & More: Canterbury House at University of Michigan

Recently I reviewed Better Get It In Your Soul: What Liturgists Can Learn from Jazz, a new resource on creativity in worship written by Reid Hamilton and Stephen Rush, chaplain and music faculty advisor at Canterbury House at University of… Read More

Be known to us in the cooking of pancakes

Since last fall we have been eating supper together at the Chapel Center after Sunday evening Eucharist. Some times different members of the group will bring in various dishes (salad, main dish, dessert). At other times we have… Read More

Better Get It in Your Soul:What Liturgists Can Learn from Jazz

  I’m a long time accompanist/church musician but have absolutely no experience performing jazz music, so I was initially more than a little intimidated by the idea of adding jazz to the liturgy.  So, when my copy of Reid Hamilton and Stephen… Read More